FLASHPARKS Self Ticketing and PARKMOBILES Phone Parking – A powerful Combination

Do you have some land that could earn revenue for you as a Car Park (no matter how big or small) but you cannot or do not want to afford the cost of installing expensive Parking Equipment ?

Well we have the answer.

Now you can earn revenue from your car park and all you need are some Tariff and Terms and Conditions signs (which we can supply).

Customers who wish to park in your car park call Parkmobile using their mobile phone and pay using a credit or debit card. Customers must first register with Parkmobile, after which, paying to park should take less than 30 seconds.

To Register, customers call Parkmobile (or use Parkmobiles Smartphone or iPhone App) and give their car Reg. details and their credit or debit card number. When they want to park they can do so after registration or on another day and need only supply the Car Parks Location Number (shown on signs) and how many hours they want to park. Parkmobile then take the cost of parking from the Customers Credit or Debit Card.

Parkmobile know who registered users are each time they call, as their system recognises the callers mobile number and relates that to the correct vehicle and Credit/Debit Card. Once parked Customers can phone Parkmobile again without needing to return to their car and buy more parking time.

Parking can be enforced by you the Client using a mobile phone that has internet connection (most Mobiles connect to the Internet these days). Parkmobile will set up your phone to access parkmobiles web site. You enter the car parks location number and you can then see on your phones screen a list of car registration numbers that have paid to park. To access this information takes a few seconds.

Any vehicle that hasn’t paid, you use Flashparks self ticketing system and Flashpark attempt to collect the charge (as stated on the signs) for non payment. Flashpark supply you with a book of tickets together with waterproof sleeves. Once an offender is identified simply complete the ticket attaching one to the vehicle and send Flashpark the duplicate copy for them to enforce. This method leaves you the owner in control. To make the service more attractive, the charge can easily be revoked by you the client at a later stage, this way only genuine offenders are penalised.

Of course, Flashpark could undertake enforcement visits for you, please ask us for a quotation.

Parking revenue is remitted to you every month less any service charges and Flashpark give you a share of any revenue from enforcement tickets.

For more information visit Parkmobiles Web Site www.parkmobile.com and contact Flashpark if you would like to find out more and unlock the revenue potential of your land.

A client may take up our car park management services if they have repeated parking problems on their land. A part of our service is to issue our client with parking permits to vehicles authorised to park on their land. We can then patrol your land on a regular basis, or you can call us out, to deal with any vehicles not displaying the correct parking permit.

Our colour parking permits have a holographic foil to stop forgeries. They can be ordered with or without holder (semi-circle shape clear holder). If required an expiry date, location and a company logo can be printed on the parking permit at no extra charge. CLICK HERE TO VISIT OUR ONLINE STORE


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