Civil Parking Enforcement

The arena of parking control and enforcement is undergoing changes in the United Kingdom that are rapid and deep.

Civil parking enforcement has changed its character in the light of new laws and the Freedom Act 2012 in particular. This wide ranging statute impacts on many aspects of life in the UK and includes civil parking enforcement.

A definition of civil parking enforcement is required for clarity. Devon County Council has obliged us all by doing that for us, thus:

'This [civil parking enforcement] is the name given to parking enforcement when the power to enforce parking offences transfers from the Police to local authorities. In May 2008 the responsibility for parking enforcement was transferred to Devon County Council by Devon & Cornwall Police.

'This transfer allows the Police to focus on tackling more serious crimes. It also allows the eight district councils, working in partnership with Devon County Council, to link parking enforcement in car parks and on-street with their other transport priorities: Reducing congestion, improving air quality and promoting road safety.'

There we have it in a nutshell.

Owing to the relatively large number of motor vehicles that park sometimes and the limited on-street and off-street parking facilities local councils have been vigilant in civil parking enforcement.

We are tempted to say that the motivation is entirely altruistic and concern for public welfare. We are sure they contribute as reasons, but there is another powerful factor: Parking charges are an enormous part of local authorities' income streams and the public accountants concerned will protest if they dry up.

We are pleased to say that the Freedom Act 2012 makes the wheel clamp illegal as from October 2012 and the local authorities have to use the other civil parking enforcement methods at hand and legal.

At the top of the list is the advent of Information Technology, to wit, the marriage of the Internet and digital photography in the context of assistance from Central Government.

The innovative company Flashpark (brand name of Vehicle Control Solutions Ltd) invented and introduced this way and has tested it in the field in England and in Wales. It is a brilliant success and the customers are pleased.

For local government we recommend contact with Flashpark for guidance. We are sure this will spread all over the world into all the continents.

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