Parking solutions

There are two aspects to parking solutions:

  • The motorist's point of view
  • The landowner's point of view

Clearly, it is because the two viewpoints are divergent that a parking enforcement industry has sprung up that serves the interests of the person or corporation that owns or manages the parking spaces.

Parking solutions has exactly two divisions:

  • Public parking such as on streets
  • Private parking as on blocks of flats with parking spaces

It is essential that in the United Kingdom and elsewhere whatever the landlord and/or his agents do is within the law and generally publicly acceptable, particularly as tempers rise over this subject whenever there is a dispute.

In the UK the use of the wheel clamp is a case in point. At first an import from Denver, Colorado, many parking enforcement firms and landowners thought the clamp was close to being a magic bullet that tamed the motorist. That did not turn out to be the case as time went on and the Freedom Act 2012 (that some think should have been law before it did) outlaws the use of the clamp as of October 2012.

The vacuum left by the exit of the wheel clamp and towing away is ably filled by several parking solutions, we are glad to confirm.

The Flashpark (the brand name of Vehicle Control Solutions Ltd) parking solution is a brilliant example of innovation married to practicality. The companys expert use of the World Wide Web allied to digital photography puts the property owner fully in charge with the power of decision and stops the terrible confrontations that characterised other parking control methods, with the clamp at the head of the list.

We want to emphasise that the above parking solution has been tested in the field in England and Wales with excellent results.

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