Car park management in London

Anyone writing anything about car park management in London has a problem taking the form of the sheer difficulty of describing such a megapolis.

There are other megapolises in the world such as: Mumbai, Tokyo, New York and Moscow, but London is a really special place.

For a start it is truly ancient. English law defines time immemorial as anything prior to 1189 which was the coronation year of Richard Cour de Lion (Heart of a Lion). London greatly exceeds that date insofar that it was founded by the Romans during the first decades after the birth of Christ.

Owing to the enormous property prices(including rentals) in this greatest of cities it follows that car parking spaces are expensive, as so many London-based motorists know to their cost (literally).

Word has it that at approximately 2010 prices the average increase in the purchase price of a flat in London goes up by 15,000 when just one car parking space is attached to it.

The driver who uses the commercial car parks in London know how pricey they are and the local authority charges for on-street parking are steep.

These parking charges are due to the intersection of demand and supply. There is great and rising demand and small and fixed supply. This explains why car parking charges in London are so prohibitive.

The parking state of affairs at the time of writing, 2012, is that many people travel to London for business and private trips and if they go by motor vehicle they find the parking charges are almost prohibitive.

Human nature being what it is, the motorist who seeks a place where he can park free of charge and also free of fear of adverse consequences is not a rare species.

The many parking slots allocated to staff only of various types and kinds of businesses all over London plus the private residential properties with parking spaces are many or most of them, open to misuse taking the form of unpermitted parking by third parties.

We say that car park control in London is essential for all people responsible for vulnerable parking spaces. The major exceptions are places that use actually physical barriers to stop unauthorised parking.

Therefore, if you have parking spaces in London and no physical barriers such as bollards and gates we counsel you to use car park management in London, via legal deterrents.

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