Car park management in Kent

Car park management in Kent is a rising question. The proportion of the local population that is car owning is probably higher than the national average and the region has a large number of executive commuters based workwise in London plus all manner of tourist 'hot spots.'

Historically, Kent has been the location of the Cinque Ports that managed England's export and import trades during the turbulent centuries that followed the Norman Conquest. Sadly, these harbours have now silted up but Dover still has a non-silted port that handles relatively light cross-Channel traffic.

Some folk call this 'The Garden of England' and this is to a certain extent exemplified by acres and acres of hop fields. Regrettably, in these days of machine-made beers with the 'real ale' movement on the fringe of the drinking world the demand and the supply of hops is shrinking.

Nevertheless, anyone watching out of a car or train window sees that growing stuff for eating is a major preoccupation of Kent dwellers and workers. Livestock is one method of land utilisation but in these days of gradual suburbanisation many of these fields are given over to the grazing of horses and ponies mostly for the leisure pursuits of the daughters and sons of rich London executives and merchants.

There is a growing services industry and persons enquiring about car park management in Kent want to know that a great deal of the motorised comings and goings are to do with visits to and from people like management consultants and computer gurus.

As stated above, we are now saying that car park management in Kent is heavily influenced by the requirement to do something about the (literally) crowds of tourists, both local and international, who turn up particularly at weekends to visit places such as Dover Castle and Arundel Castle.

Kent is part of the South Coast private school band that extends from approximately Margate in the east to approximately Southampton in the west.

Parents who visit their children during term time often or usually take them on outings and this entails leisurely chats in cafes and restaurants all about GCSE and A level examinations and who will and will not get on the school/house hockey team,

For all these reasons and others we have not mentioned here we say that car park management in Kent is something that takes high precedence in the lives of everyone closely concerned with this corner of warmest England.

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