Car park management in Birmingham, London, Manchester and Leeds

Car park management in Birmingham, London, Manchester and Leeds is a major subject and deserves a thorough and detailed analysis and description. In our position we are giving you a mere precis.

The fact is that in all these big cities in England parking spaces are at a premium.

There is indeed a connection with rents for business and private lettings. In all these places rents are high. In London it is frequent that retail shops and other businesses go out of business because they can't pay the rent.

In the private lettings market, for houses, flats and flatlets the rents are proportionately high. The lower income bracket gets a measure of state assistance; above that level one has to have a deep and regularly and heavily replenished pocket to pay the rent.

All this echoes the charges one has to pay for parking. The fact is that anybody, literally anybody, who has ownership and/or management over one or more car parks almost anywhere in the city centres and suburbs of these cities has a precious and expensive resource.

One only has to listen (or eavesdrop!) on some conversations in places like pubs, cafes and clubs to realise that motorists are on the lookout for safe free parking. And no wonder, the parking is so expensive.

Persons with interest in car park management in Birmingham, London, Manchester and Leeds realises that the business, large, medium or small that boasts a car park soon comes to the realisation that outsiders do have to be deterred by some legal and convenient method.

Even the hospital car park is subject to all manner of visitors and local workers from outside seeking to park cheaply or free on parking spaces intended for patients and staff.

With regard to car park management in Birmingham, London, Manchester and Leeds appealing to people's respect for private property rights has limited appeal and some methods of deterrence - negative conditioning - are decidedly dangerous. Rewarding - positive conditioning - is not on the cards usually.

We at Flashpark are proud to state explicitly that under our head and founder we have at our fingertips a method of deterrence that is:

  • Safe
  • Legal
  • Non-confrontational
  • Cheap to free, with sometimes a net profit.

Yes, it is true.

All one has to possess is:

  • One digital camera
  • Access to the World Wide Web

And that is all, ladies and gentlemen. We mean all. Full stop.

What you have to do any maiden aunt can do with ease:

  • Register at Flashpark
  • Put up one or more well-placed warning notices
  • Snap an intruding and unwelcome vehicle with full identification details, including the warning notice(s) in clear sight
  • Email the photographs to Flashpark

Flashpark does everything else for you. You do not have to do anything more, except bank the proportion of the charge Flashpark always pays to its customers on receipt of paid charges.

Life can sometimes be easy, as some sage remarked ages ago.

Act now. Contact Flashpark.

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